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Interview with a DOCTOR : Hives (Sneak Preview)

I will do proper research before I share my findings. This applies the same for my herbal recipes. Some recipes are from my teacher who are their family "recipest".
**Disclaimer : If you have any health condition, check with your TCM first if you can take....

I completed my research on this tea recipe for people who suffers from hives. Hives is a condition that sometimes, even doctors has no idea how to comes and go...comes and go.... Bryan suffered from Hives 10 years ago.... My personal experience is: "Once you find your right tea, it will just go away....."

Stress, nervous, worries and lack of sleep are the main culprit that triggers to hives..

Today, I will rule out food allergy for hives, and emphasis on how stress brings about hives:

Personally, Lavendula vera and Eucalyptus works wonder. Back then when I had hives, my teacher taught me to use Eucalyptus and Lavendula Vera. Whenever hives appear out of nowhere, quickly dab Lavendula Vera directly onto the hives affected area. Alternatively, go to the washroom. Dab some water on the hives affected area and followed by one drop of Eucalyptus Radiata on the affected area. Works wonder.

Lavendula and Eucalyptus works on calming the nerves, remove wind and heaty qi, and weakness qi of hives.

Recipe for Anti Hives Tea :

1. (Chang er zi)苍耳子:belongs to warmness and remove sinus, move qi for nose and lungs and wind dampness. 属辛温解表之药,性味:辛,微苦,温.功用:通肺窍,祛风湿 (As shown in the picture. First herb from the left)

2. Chinese Barley: Remove damp energy ( Picture above is English barley because I finished my Chinese Barley)

3. Green Bean: Detox, remove dampness and cleanse body; Beta-carotene and vitamin C have powerful anti-inflammatory effects and are indispensable to a healthy immune system. That's why green beans are helpful to diseases in which inflammation plays a major role (asthma, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), and in other infectious diseases: cold, flu, tonsillitis, otitis.. This vegetable is a good source of riboflavin, a substance that has been shown to reduce frequency of migraine attacks in people who suffer from it. Reconstructs the nervous system - Diuretic - Depurative - Anti-infective - Tonic for the liver and pancreas

4. Bai Shu: remove dampness in stomach, bloated stomach and at the same time weakness in spleen and stomach.

5. Red dates: 补中益气,养血安神。树皮:消炎,止血,止泻。根:行气,Nourish blood

Above is the perfect combination to reduce hives due to either damp, heaty or cool weak blood. Hives can be either heaty or cold type. This tea is a neutral mixture, it can be used for general hives.


Ingredients for 1, 2, 3 (use 1 Chinese tablespoon), 4 pieces Bai Shu, 4 dates with seeds removed. Wash all ingredients and put in 700ml water. Boil for 20mins. Drink when warm.

It may work for you. Mrs Lee tried this tea recipe as she experienced hives for months. Together with Lavendula Vera and Eucalyptus radiata, hives clear up within 2 days.

People with hives can drink twice a week. One to two cups each time.

NB: If you are pregnancy or have any serious health conditions, please check with your TCM first.

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