Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More than Slimming Oil --- Bryan's Toning Detox Miracle Sunflower OIl

Hope you don't mind my paintbrush sketch aka marketing manager too ahahha. Using this illustration, I want to share that Bryan's slimming oil can detox tummy as well as firm areas that you desire.

Sunflower Slimming Oil has been used by many people who retured with wonderful feedback (Having a toned stomach and overcome bloated stomach).

Always massage your tummy in clockwise direction(must lie on flat surface). Waistline always upwards and that area (Stand up will do).

Bryan's Sunflower Slimming Oil: Synergy of natural ingredients to activate detox, slimming, anti-cellulite process while bringing wonderful relaxations when combined with kwa sa or massage on areas to tone.

How does Sunflower Slimming Oil works?

Multiple action of toning, tightening, remove toxin and improve qi when you do a tummy massage with it. It does help to restore skin suppleness and firmness.

So far the feedback includes:

1) Relieves tension and relaxes the stomach, remove wind and flatten tummy.

2) Treated area are visibly smoother

3) Orange peel effects on legs are reduced.

New beginners, remember must lie down and relax when doing stomach massage or kwa sa.

Freshly blended Sunflower SLimming Oil at $50. 6 months of shelf live

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