Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PowerFul Testimonials -- Shoulder tension and ache recovered 70%

Picture of Jermine Lim's Father back(Testimonial and picture granted with permission for bryan)

"Bryan Lao Shi, my dad had right upper back pain and soreness for 2 weeks. Tried accupuncture and Tui na and took Ibuofen pain killers still not much improvements. Last week, I tried your three oil method apply to the upper back and leave a few cups and do cup moving for him. Less than 20 seconds, black red mark came out from his upper back..... . He felt immediate relief and was amazed by your 3 oil and cream method."

Actually, if Jermine's father have went to a good Tui Na Master, he should have done cupping first before tui na for his condition.

Interview with TCM Old Masters July 2011

"A lot of young TCM doctors follow the books and very inflexible in prescribing herbs..You can see them looking at Ipad or computer and thinking what to prescribe by looking at theircomputer..... The good old ones can accurately prescribe medicine based on experiences......."..... Master C.C (family lines of TCM).

... translated by Bryan

I learnt doesn't mean a TCM physician who earned a lot of certification is good. Experiences and a humble counts and very important. Some can memorise and recite with the theory at their fingertips and sound most convincing... However, when it comes to practical.... CMI (cannot make it).

According to my teacher, it is best to do cupping or accupuncture before Tui Na. Well, not many physicians do that in Singapore...... $$$$$ ...

(Bryan was injured by a Young TCM doctor on Sunday during one of my field trip. A TCM physician who displayed the price list for Tui Na as $40......At the end of the session, she charged me $80 and told me it was a special Tui na....

Oh God, I didn't enjoy the session at fact, it was terrible...I wonder how she twisted my neck and I end up with a swollen neck which lasted for 2 days.....I am ok now after using my 3 oil method.)

----- Bryan is going around Singapore as a patient in disguise......together with my cousin. Field report will be out soon.....So far no one recognise me because I prefer to disguise myself...hahahaha...

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