Thursday, July 21, 2011

Testimonial: Feedback :>

This feedback is a new user on Lavendula Vera Charcoal Flora Water. Radio DJs who have tried many skincare, also feedback this is good.
*Pat Pat on my shoulder
All the hard work and effort is worth it. Ah Gong always taught us to have 良心 and consistency in our work.

Any emails sent yesterday will be replied on Sunday. Thanks for your understanding because I need to prepare for Pendulum Numerology Seminar on Saturday. Later have to do an ISO audit for an IT company and visiting Church counselling for a depressed client........ Gosh so busy.... This feedback certainly brighten up my day!
No matter how busy I am, I give no excuse for myself not to do the followings:
1) Breathing exercise 3mins (478)

2) Make flower tea 3mins (any flower you like)
3) Press any acupressure point 1 min. (I press KI1)

Its only 7 mins a day to make you look 10 years younger then your friends of the same age.... So what are you waiting for???

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