Sunday, August 28, 2011

News Update

There are more and more new comers using my products. Many started off with some doubts but become great supporters after using. I think it is the love that Omhealth inputs into our products :)

I will try my best to reply my emails before flying off on Wednesday 31st August. Send in your orders latest my 30th Aug Tuesday, so that I can pack till Tuesday night and ask mum to courier for me. If I miss out any emails, don't scold me k...

I have a Facebook account. You can search for my name Bryan Gan to add me as your friend. I will update my Facebook for any fun news in HKK. I should be bringing my IPAD to update any news on luck . Will do my best to update both my blogs :D

NB: I am so glad that two of my clients are now pregnant. Told them I will only share this happy news after 3 months. Really really happy that acupressure, breathing exercise and garnet works....... I think so.... .It is very important to incorporate lifestyle, breathing exercise and acupressure into a couple's way of life..... (so far 16 couples have babies... my first 2 testimonials were from HDB HUB ..... I think they are 10 years old now..... its photo time? )

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