Saturday, August 6, 2011

Roller Crystal > Fragile

Anniversary Crystal Rollers were all adopted. Thank you.

Please note that they are fragile crystals. Be gentle with them. Be gentle to your face.

Roll gently on your face. Don't force k :)

2 customers' roller experienced metal give way and the other customer drop it on the floor. I will take note of these but I really hope to share the benefits of crystal rolling for face. There's only 50 sets because each roller is so difficult to produce and the wielding is not easy. Careful selection to select each roller crystal was done personally but the process of wielding craftsmanship is something which I can't be physically present to supervise. Crystal roller are well known to be fragile. Hence, I really appreciate your kind understanding :)
If you have any problems with your rollers, I will exchange for you ok. Cheers :D

Just bear in mind, these precious crystal rollers are fragile. Its for facial massage. We don't need to press hard like what many beauty salons were doing...Thus, do not press hard, just roll gently. Mine was already 4 years old..

with love,


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