Sunday, August 7, 2011

Are you coming to Woodland Library?

Bryan will demo and share about Peony Qi Flower Therapy Exercise to promote good Qi, beautiful Skin and overcome headaches...... Are you coming? It will be conducted in Chinese...........
You will also get to learn an exercise called, Meridian Opening Qi, so whatever acupressure points that you press, it will work fast.

SMS 91821602 with your name and subject Woodland library by Tuesday.
Payment: Pay $10 in cash on that day. Therefore, do reach there at 1pm to do registeration.

健康讲座 语言:华语
主办机构:Health Management International

地点: 兀兰区域图书馆 (B1讲堂)
日期/时间:13 August 2011 (星期六) 1.30pm to 4.30pm

1.00 pm 报名登记

2.00 pm to 3.00 pm
开幕仪式 ( 主持人:叶咏梅 LOVE 972 最爱频道DJ )
Bryan 老师与你分享轻松有趣的健康知识
- 教你如何保持良好的健康生活习惯
- 传授你平衡生活的知识

3.15 pm
活得健康,由您开始( 主讲人:罗德扬医生 )
- 健康和疾病负担的基本介绍
- 健康检查和健康管理的重要性
- 糖尿病、高血压和高胆固醇的信息
- 癌症检测

3.45 pm

4.15 pm 自由发问时间

4.30 pm 茶点

主讲者:罗德扬医生 马来西亚理科大学医学士, 职业保健医生 (NIOSH, MAL)

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