Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bryan Caring For you TEA:> Throat

Many people are having dry and sore throat. Some are dry cough not because of the flu but due to the weather.

Bryan's Anti sore throat, very dry and weird weird throat, mouth ulcer cums bad breath tea.

1) 桑白皮 - 1 CTBS
2)玄参 - 13 pieces
3)天花粉 - 14 pieces or 1 CTBS
4)甘草 - 3 slice
5)Peppermint - 1 CTBS

I used CTBS as the abbreviation for Chinese Table Spoon. Do not sms me how to buy...where to buy, what's the English name....Haizzz....If you feel blur, just show this page to the medical hall uncle. Tell him," I want $1.50 to $2 of the above combination". I paid $1.50 for above, which is enough to make for 3 cups.

Wash clean the above. Add 800ml of water and boil for 20mins. Drink when cool warm.
This combination is taught by my teacher ,

1) Good for water retention on the face and dry cough heatiness
2) Cool the blood, heal tongue ulcer, mouth ulcer
3) Painful Throat, induce more fluid in body, internal heatiness.....

Two cups a day for 2 days should see good result;

DISCLAIMER: But don't know how to write..I think you know what I meant....

(My friend taught me to throw in a disclaimer when I share recipes. Anyone know of any appropriate sentence, please sms me so I know what to put. Thank you)

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