Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bryan's Aroma Oil Love and Light : FOunder of Emotional Cotton OIl :>

Most of us live in a concrete jungle, not a living and breathing one.... Essential oils can restore this balance somewhat, bringing the essence of plants into our homes and offices. In Singapore, not much people bother about using good grade oil.....and perhaps slowly replaced by those fancy fragrance oil (chemical oil) in those long wooden sticks, which I would not call this Aromatherapy.

Good quality fresh essential oil has great effect on body. A good example is one of my favorite recipe of Lavendula vera oil with Grapefruit oil, which raise the energy of your body system as shown in the above special magnetic field of research camera.

Using essential oil in the auric field brings in new energy to the field. The color of aura becomes brighter and clearer. If a person's vibration is low, they are more prone to a depressed mental state or ill health. The good grade essential oil use for bath can stir the auric field stimulating cleansing, charging and speedy recovery....

Bryan is known for my persistence in only fresh and good quality oil. Have you tried any of my aroma oil? If you haven't, you can kick off with Lavendula vera and Grapefruit Pink. One of the usages is to apply the oil onto a piece of tissue. Place this tissue in your bedroom half hour before sleep.

NewComers FAQ:
Bryan, how I know your oil is good?

Bryan: Hmm your body can tell... I can't describe how sweet mango is if you do not taste it...Furthermore, Bryan Lao Shi not getting any younger....I do not want to spoilt my reputation...

Rose Geranium resonates with Mother Earth. It signifies the energy of feminine of reproduction, of birth and rebirth.

Rose Geranium:

EMOTION: Encourage solace, adjustment, regeneration, balance, assurance, the feeling of being cushioned, soother and shielded.
PHYSICAL: antiseptic, antispasmodic, antidepressant etc,

Bryan's Rose Geranium $45. Cheap right? Yeah...Market price for a good quality one is at least $95. I want everyone to experience what is true aromatherapy using fresh, good quality oil which has medicinal value.

I love to blend a drop of Rose Geranium with 3 drops of Lemon onto a piece of cotton pad, or a drop of Rose Geranium with 2 drops of Rosemary. Both combinations are really wonderful. Hope you give it a try using the cotton pad method or final rinse your body with the oil and water.

Rose Geranium + Lemon === Clears your mind with sweet memories and love

Rose Geranium + Rosemary ==== Let go of unhappiness and welcome the future

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