Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finishing My Herbal Research: HK last 2 days

I am very fortunate to be able to further my knowledge on herbs and plants usages for wellbeing. I notice HK kept their skin nice and clean by taking a big plate of vegetables daily.
By the way, have you eat Cai Xin daily? Its already 7 days... Have you been eating it and felt the difference ?

I am quite annoyed with emails telling me that no remedies works for their acne skin, when these people tends to sleep late and eat junk food....What can I do if you do not change your lifestyle? Actually, you already knew the answer to your problem....hmmm..

Mr Lee: "Lao Shi, I sleep 2 am and work very late. Feel very stress daily (no choice). I tried all remedies you taught and have seen doctor too.... But nothing works for me...."

Bryan will refuse to answer because I cannot do much to help if one does not make an effort to improve his lifestyle...

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