Thursday, September 15, 2011

Simply adore my hair serum so so much. After shampoo, towel dry and needs only a squeeze of the hair serum onto my hair. It becomes a protective layer over your hair and prevent damages from the environmental. I LOVE IT ^^

Applying De Beaux hair serum is an effective way to keep your hair healthy.
Regular application of hair serum helps to bring back the luster and shine in hair. Our hair is subject to pollution, exposure to the sun, dirt, etc which will damage hair. In
order to keep hair in a good condition, it is necessary to take proper care.

Using shampoo and conditioner will only add volume and keep hair clean. However, using hair serum has more benefits to hair than using regular shampoo. Bryan's Hair Serum contains humectants which works by attracting moisture from the surrounding areas to the hair strand. This makes hair look thicker and shiny.

Hair serum protects hair from getting overheated due to the use of heated hair dryer etc. It also resolve the problem of tangle and prevent it from getting frizzy. Hair serum also protect hair from being dry, coarse and dull.

Application of hair serum
Applying hair serum is easy and similar to the way we apply our regular hairstyling products. For me, I use only one pump of the serum. Apply the serum onto your palm and rub both palms together and apply onto your hair. You may feel its oily at first but within 1 minute, you will feel that the oil seems to have disappear....and your hair will not feel oily because its serum, not oil. The scent is so soothing but not of those strong chemical fragrance...

60ml for $55 Good & effective to protect your hair.

Latest sms "I have been using your face and eye mask for 3 years, V.good."

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