Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bryan's Theory for healing Back for Health.

As we aged, our upper back will develop sore spots. After visiting 18 Tui Na masters, chiropractor and TCM, I discovered that a simple acupressure with 3 oil and cream works on sore spots can be a good preventive maintenance measures and helps to speed up recovery from many health problems..

Very often, body aches, problem skin and back pain are caused by poor quality sleeping habits resulted from the sore spots around your spine. Hence, the blood flow to the back is disrupted.... If I am able to find the sore spot and gently massage it away, headaches and body pain sometimes will recover very quickly.

Today, I am not going to use medical terms but layman terms to describe this problem.
Newcomers can refer to for Bryan's 3 oil with cream. There is a youtube clips to explain what is 3 oil with cream.

Bryan 老师 DIY Upper Finger walk back check :
If you have headaches/insomnia/neck pain/migraine try the following method.

Use your fingers, press spot by spot on one side of your spine (After checking your left, check your right side), there is bound to have one spot that feels sore (Take note of this spot first). Find out how many sore spot you have and work on this spots.
You will be surprised if you give this sore spot a light massage, it will reduce the sore feeling as it disperses the stagnant qi and sometimes the headaches will go away instantly.

Once I located this sore spot, I will apply Bryan's 3 oil method with cream followed by pressing the sore spot for 1-3 minute(press down, hold for few seconds and repeat) or massaging the sore spot with simple rotation. A bit of force is needed but not forceful strength. Its so effective.

In short, use 3 oil method with cream. Apply onto sore spot and work on the sore spot for 3mins gently. (You can also use your own method to release the sore spot)

NB: Although doctors and specialist are well versed in medical health but they do not have the pain and unable to experience the pain that we have. I have serious spine dengenerations, bone problems and nerves being affected.... Because I wanted to be well, I done a lot of research. By sharing my personal experience, I hope this method can help others who have the same problem. There's nothing special about my method but it works for me and many people. There's a saying: "A sick person who has gone through years of illness torture seeking different doctors to cure a health problem will become even a more powerful specialist then a specialist doctor....[Jiu Bing Chen Liang Yi]

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