Friday, October 21, 2011

Every time I see Ang Gu Kuek....Be Happy Can?

An "ang gu kuek" used to make me so happy. Ehehehe, I didnt change, I easily happy and enjoy the moment of now ? I am so happy I can now afford as many ang ku kuek i want:>

This trip to KL met up with therapist, expert . Besides audit I got a chance to explore the simple Kampong Life of many:> We really too busy le, please , step one side now and do a 4 7 8 breathing exercise and have a Macdonald Ice Cream Cone ok:>

We sacrifices our health in order to make money. Then we sacrifices money to recuperate our health. And then we are so anxious about the future that we does not enjoy the present; There is something call NOW.
I hope you are enjoying every moment. Live you passion, enjoy every moment and take care of you! Have love and compassion in your heart and understand that everyone is on their own journey.

Give the gift of a warm smile to someone who least expects it and maybe a few kind words too...just maybe! Then... notice how great that felt to make someones day just a little more special.

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