Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cant Sleep le? Why? Aged? Worries?

Sleeping Problems can be very very disturbing one, and no one can really understand it unless they have been through this; Even u see a doctor , they don't have this problem and cant really relate the feelings. Insomnia result in a feeling of not complete, no energy and like not happy one.

[People who have insomnia but no depression, bodyache are at increased risk for later developing depression, the number of people suffers from sleep problems increased throughout the years]

Bryan has helped many who suffers from Insomnia since 2003 after having personal experience with it; This coming week, Bryan Lao Shi will be in Kuala Lumpur for two purpose;
Insomnia Problems are
2) Poor Sleep Quality
3) Wake Up at 3am or 4am
4) Grinding of teeth
5) Eyes Open Big Big just cant sleep

Well I think most once above 30s or 35 +++ ,40+++ and 50+++ sleeping problem will be more and more obvious;

I tell you, alot of time, neck pain, back pain, stomach bloated is all cause by poor sleeping quality. Once Sleeping quality is achieved u will feel pain less, stomach better etc.

Bryan's Client Case Study and also Personal Insomnia Experience
( 10 years ago I suffered from bad insomnia problems due to stress and neck pain)

Western Doctor: Prescribed me with sleep pills (mild one like xanax, antidepression) , once eat can sleep and many sleep related pain disappear. But no good if take long term. U may feel very dependent on it. But really once taken can sleep , than all physical pain seems release. But slowly the drug becomes not effective if take too long. ANd u always feel like must eat than can sleep, and day time abit drowsy.
Chinese TCM: Give me alot of herbs powder, I drink and drink and eat and eat for weeks, from full of Hope to feeling no hope. We drink powder after powder non stop and end up the sleep seems no improvements le ( Hmmm this is based on my research and experience, doesnt mean TCM dont work, just tat for insomnia it takes too long to work until we feel disheartened and not cheap hor, one week medicine is $90)

All who suffers from Insomnia, check out my blog for some informations first, the final video will be out soon. At the moment, u use lavendula, Marjoram and Bryan Relaxation Blend do 15mins warm water footbath daily for a week, see if got improvements first ok

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