Saturday, October 1, 2011

Healing 3 Oil

Here are the 3 oil mentioned in previous posts..

Rose Geranium cost $90 in the retail market. At Omhealth, Bryan is able to make it available at $45 because I saved on shop space rental. I am very particular about the freshness of my aroma oil and will not allow the slightest fault in quality. I want people to know and appreciate aroma oil that is of high medicinal value for health, beauty and well being. It is really not easy to educate and create awareness of true aromatherapy in Singapore, unlike the western countries. I have to work really really hard when I first started in 1998...... When I was in my younger days, people tends to question and doubt when my things are cheap...when I sell my products at normal price, people commented its expensive...

NOW...Bryan is already not getting any younger...I only want to devote my time on continuous research and ensure the quality of my oil is always at its top quality, with price lower then market rate. I don't want to explain myself over and over again....Hope newcomers can spend time to check out .

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