Friday, October 14, 2011

Marigold Day Protection Cream

Launched few months le: A Day Cream with Marigold:soothe and protect the skin from irritations, pollutions of the Harmful rays. Natural Antiage and slowly brighten skin from within:> A shield form around the skin which you will love it:>
Excludes synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment.Free of: Fragrance, Parabens, Silicone, Mineral Oil and Propylene Glycol.

Many Love this Marigold Day Protection Cream with Sunblock natural which we dont use the word SPF. Look at the feedback :> This is moisturiser and sunblock and block off computer, phone and Office lights which make a skin dull:>.Apply after antiage serum day time and feel how your skin slowly transform.

Marigold is known also as Calendula FLower . The name is inspired from Calender, because back in Ancient Roman times, this flower said to open on first day of the calender....

Anti Acne formular: Peppermint tea leaf (a teaspoon) and 4-5 Marigold flower make to a cup of tea. Drink 2 cup a day for 5 days. And please tea make once must throw for this case. If it works, within a week should see goo results;

I love to drink Marigold Tea once a week. Like just 4 to 5 flowers a cup to detox of feeling sorethroat coming or feverish.

Mouth Ulcer Mouthwash ==Lavendula vera 1 drop with Marigold water (Gargle)

Or I make into mouthwash if have sore throat or ulcer (7 flower in a cup, steep with boiling water. When cool, use it as mouth rinse as many times a day for speedy recovery for mouth ulcer) , after rinse dont drink it hor. Sometimes I add a drop of Lavendula vera in it as Mouthwash:>

Offers: Marigold Day Protection Cream + Either ( Synergy cream, Perfection Aqua or Collagen Cream) = $100 for details and for orders .

NB: Amazing, I do a research, many collagen cream in market sells at least $95 a botte. Can up to $250....:> But again is ur choice, u use them already than try mine also can:> See the chemical free and freshness difference:> Commercial Product need preservatives and some chemical so can stay long on shelf ma. Mine is one year must finish, collagen cream 6month hor.

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