Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini Travel Pack: Pretty Skin on Your Flight

With a travel plan that includes smart skincare, you’ll arrive at your destination in style and beat those long flight blues. Spending hours on a plane can wreak havoc on your skin. Find out how to feel refreshed — from the time you board until your flight is cleared for landing.

Above the mini -bag I got it from Wallet Shop at Bugis for $7. Just enough to put all items

1) 2 types essential oil for hotel room (choose ur type, I normally bring Peppermint and Lavendula vera, Grapefruit Pink). WHen in hotel massage with cream on neck , can start shopping le:>
2) A mini Bag with : Massage stick, neroli facial Oil, and bottle my Bryan's Ginseng Mist or lavender water in small atomiser (get from sasa shop)

Bryan Kia Su Sui Sui Method for sudden Radiant Shock People Procedure
1) In the flight mist ur face follow by 2 drops of neroli oil ,massage to ur face. This layer of water oil will protect ur skin from dehydration. neroli oil can touch the lips abit too
2) When arrive, before get down the plane, mist ur face again;
3) If long Journey, I will take out the massage stick and press zu san li of Palm.

By the time get down the plane: Face Sui Sui because of the water oil technology. If ur face have foundation, u just spray Bryan's facial mist ba since u cant use neroli oil. For long journey is best not to put on makeup face la. In flight no one will look at u one la, because no matter how much u put u cant beat the flight attendance la:> SO NATURAL BEAUTY is powerful as they will envious about ur skin lor:>

Staying in Hotel room will result in dry skin, no moisturiser can beat Neroli faical Oil:> Try it:>

Bryan's facial Mist is infused with aloe leaf extract, Ginseng, Rose Bulgaria, Lavender, Neroli, Natural Vitamin E. Scent is so so because no fragrance added. Once mist u can wipe ur nose with tissue if u dont like the scent lor:> I love to bottle my mist in a small atomiser. But if u allergy to Ginseng than replace with lavender water ba. Mist is like a bouquet of Antioxidant that fight environmental Pollutions:>

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