Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Selling My Melons: If not new comers dont know ahahha

Sometimes my friends will laugh at me selling melons..... Again, with only one person working from packing to courier to reply email. I am also the presenter of my products. I dont have models or big poster. All I have is using my own products and prove to all my friends is good.

Indeed after 10 years, my skin is even clearer than last time and now to my surprise, colleagues from the past, friends from the past start to order products from me....... (Aiyo last time tell them my serum good, they will just ignore and I decided not to give product to my friends, give already they put one side ahhahah). SO till today, I refuse to sell my skin care to any friends and refuse to talk about it ahahha, thats why they look older now ahah.... Oooopsss... Bad right...

Sometimes I feel this is a world of marketing, hardwork is definitely needed but determinations is the key too. Dare to be different is part of the game. I remembered in 2001 I was invited to FM 933 to be interviewed by Pei Fen on my work..... That time, introducing my lavendula vera, I remembered too I set up a lunch time store at URA, when I was new, whole day only sell 2 bottle of aroma oil.

I told myself never give up, if is good product just perservere. Guess what ? my first customer who use my neroli oil till today is from URA.

Time flies..... today I am going for a higher level exam. Many tell me, why must u go for an exam? No need already la? People trust u and ur things works.... Even though many times I was invited to share my knowledge with Doctors and Western Doctors who now recongnise my work. I still think is important to further upgrade:>.... Frankly speaking continuous Improvement is also key to success.
Is a very tough exam that is why whole month of October I dont have any workshop.

12pm exam: Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
2 years of practical and 2 hours of exam:>

Some people like to ask : Bryan what is your qualifications
Sell Melon time:
1) Bachelor of Science Honours , Electrical and Computer Engineering
2) Lead Auditor Qualification ( 2001 first in Singapore to assist in an IT company to be ISO certified in Singapore). Quality Inspector for product and stringent inspection. It applies to my products too.
3) Total of four companies in Singapore leading a group of auditors to successfully help them to achieve ISO in 6 months from IT company to Electric Lamp companies.
4) Certification in Aromatherapy and Natural Therapy since 1999 . Student of one the most known aromatherapist in New Zeadland .
5) Brisbane top sales in Herbal Life (MLM ahahhah) , I was in MLM before to earn school fees in Australia in 1997. Can you believe it ahahha.
6) Reiki Healing qualified and Certificate in Affirmation healing, Crystal Healing etc
7) Now.......... decided to slow down, study more and smile more:>

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