Thursday, December 22, 2011

Imperial TRreasure Beauty Porridge

Ahah for two years didnt conduct cooking class, I miss that but really no time ahahha. Lately turn down 2 TV show le.... I prefer my own youtube for u:> Enjoy this Ah Beng Video; One hand holding camera not easy ahahha... Dont mind hor.
Shouted in all my video because the camera speaker I scare u all cant hear.... HEhehe

Skin Radiant, Digestion improves and fight Body ache too : This claypot new I buy from Isetan on Monday got discount , I didnt know using good quality claypot cook porridge so so fast and herbs so so powerful. Only $50 I am impressed.

Next recipes for DARK HAIR.... soon stay tune

To be successful in this porridge, cook the herbs first than strain the herbs aways, use the herbal water to make the porridge, if not ur porridge alot of herbs and seed, making it difficult to enjoy eating de... Like picture beside is lazy way cooking because I throw all things inside.... Use more water like 1 litre will be better if ur rice alot.

Must follow: I eat this porridge three times a week, the portion here make is around 2-3 small bowl. But depends on how much water u want to play with. Be flexible.

NB: Do not eat the herbs in it or bite the almond, only eat the porridge ok because it has absorb all the nuitrients of the herbs, eating of the herbs may cause indigestion:> Do not argue. I say dont eat the herbs even u like to bite.

And also inside video I mention 750ml to 800ml water, u can put more water if find this too sticky porridge as some of u like more watery is ok one. All the way is small fire. Cooking time u monitor ok:>

Lao Shi Explained Properties:
If eaten regularly, they can strengthen the body, and cure diseases such as neurasthenic, imbalance of the spleen and the stomach, indigestion, cough, anemia and over thinness. In particular, they are effective to preserve the liver and prevent cancers. There is a saying, Imperial Treasure Porridge is a powerful anti dark eye circle, body ache, indigestion and freckles problems remedies.

It that induces DNA repair and synthesis in damaged cells and inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells.

1) All herbs washed and boil for 30mins in 700ml to 1000ml water.
2) Strain away herbs and left with the herbal water. Put in both rice.
3) Boil for 15 to 20mins , till become porridge.

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