Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Remedies for Festive Anger and brings balance

This year, Lunar New Year is pretty near to Xmas and New Year. Our body sometimes is unable to react quickly with the change of mood and season.

Common symptoms include :

1) Internal frustration but yet, you can't show to anyone since its believed that its not good to lose temper during CNY.

2) Internal suppressed anger to the heart and stomach Qi area. Such feeling of "Man Zang" is like an active volcano that can erupt anytime.

3) Very exhausted..... fatigue due to not enough rest:

Aromatherapy Touch therapy will be extremely useful.


1) 2 drops Grapefruit pink, 1 drop Lavendula vera and 1 drop Rosemary oil onto a piece of cotton pad. Fold it into half and inhale it 3 times slightly from a distance. Next, rub your wrist with this cotton pad, so your palm absorbed the gentle scent of the oil. Followed by rubbing both palms with cotton pad in the middle till warm. You can place the cotton pad beside you.

I like to do this touch therapy on my bed because sometimes while doing it, I dozed off and fell into deep sleep for 5mins. Feels great after that :D

Maintain each hand position for 1 -2 min, or as long as you wanted before changing to the next position. Take note, this is not reiki but rather Touch therapy. Sometimes I will simply choose any one of the five actions, which works for me as well. There's no hard and fixed rules, you can be creative with your own position :)

One palm near chest and one palm near heart is the best to overcome anger, sadness and anxiety. Do it with your eyes closed ok :)

By the time, you proceed to stomach area... you could have fallen asleep for 5mins hahahaa

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