Saturday, July 25, 2015

5 element Ki Exercise and Prana Touch Therapy and 5 element Qi Gong

Date: 6th Sep 2015;

5 element Ki GONG Class: 
Fees: $60 include a slap equipment
Attendees; 50 people only. 

Venue will be announced once confirmed.
Be seated at 930: to 1230. (with 20mins break)

Confirm ur seats by email to And a email will send to u to confirm your seats and payment.

good for
1) Bodyaches
2) Skin problems
3) Depressions
4) Anger management
5) Sleep problems
6) Lack of energy
7) Special Track : how to identify Ginseng and soup recipes.
Include foodcure for health and beauty.

The above workshop takes only 2 hour. But it can benefit you a life time:>

Since 1998 I have been doing simple Qi Gong in brisbane. And since than my butterfly dance therapy Qi has gain popularity in many parts of Singapore.

I hope you can make an effort to come for this workshop. Actually Qi Gong can be very easy and also wonderful:> Learn the tradition way. Simple , fun and easy:>

As for touch therapy. I have once imparted many in Singapore Training Academy Certified reflexology class. So I will be sharing with many on this part. So Wont you want to come?

"Prani 5 Elements Qi Gong and Touch Therapy" is a workshop you should not miss, because the techniques taught in the class is a quick and easy way to improve a person's "Qi" through Ancient Healing Art of East Meet West.

Touch Therapy was introduced by my master to me in 1990s. It has helped many who suffered from headaches, chronic ache and unexplained nerve pain. I strongly encouraged those who can come to join me for a skill which can be helpful for own health maintenance and share with more people who have the mentioned health conditions.

5 Elements Qi Gong is a Qi Gong to be done 7 minutes a day for better Energy and Face Radiance.

5 Element Prana Qi Gong: First in Singapore taught by Bryan lao shi to balance Qi. Balance 5 organs Qi.

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