Friday, August 23, 2013

Rose Lotus Balm

Hi all, this rose lotus balm, received 2 feedbacks in Green Class Yesterday.

Rose Lotus Balm L $25
Bryan's Clarity Oil: $18 ( 10 times better than X oil without smelly scent after use and within 10 mins all scent gone but effects continues)
Bryan's Auric roller : $18, a gift for friend and than intro clarity roller. Is powerfull to remove dampness too.
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Bryan’s Aromatherapy Balm::>

Life is a manifestation of your thoughts.  Everything in life is vibrational energy, thoughts. We must learn to address our thoughts.

U must learn to clear emotional blockages... as it will manifest to physical blockages. So apply rose balm on chest and feel good. We must learn to be happy. Why learn? Shouldn't it comes from heart. Yeah last time can easily comes from heart but world has changed and people forget how?

so we work with aromatherapy.

For centuries people have turned to the power of plant remedies to soothe common ailments such as neck tension, stress, nasal and chest congestion>


  • Smooth textured balm free from chemicals
  • Made entirely from natural and organic ingredients
  • Essential oil blend soothes and calms the skin

Special Features

Induce love and brighten aura. Attract romance in a positive way.

How to use

Apply to places u feel in need of attention.

A)  Rub this Rose  balm on the neck shoulder , temples and chest to experience relief through aromatherapy.  Breathe deeply from ur palm to feel the power of botanicals. 

B) 5 organs rest

Take a small amount of balm and gently rub it between the palms of your hands. One palm put neck and one palm put forehead. Close ur eyes with relax shoulder and rest for few mins. Instant brighter face and eyes.

C) Worries

Apply stomach and massage clockwise 54 times.


For external use only. Keep away from eyes and open wounds. Keep out of reach of children.

 Rose Balm: A blend of rose, lotus, rosewood, vetivier, mandarin

 Quick Quick USE instant relieve from all stress
Direction: Take more out from the bottle.

1. Apply neck massage into the skin
2. Massage temples;
3. Apply to chest.
4. Rub both palm till warm and inhale from palm and press side of nose.

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