Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Love Herbs

马齿苋 ma chi xian herba portulacae oleraceae
This is a detox herbs. A lot of Chinese detox herbs can be very cooling. So don't hear this aunty say good that aunty say good, over drink and stomach injured.

This herbs : 热毒疮疡 helps, acnes skin outbreak,》:“散血消肿antiinflammations,利肠滑胎,解毒通淋,治产后虚汗. 对大肠杆菌、伤寒杆菌、金黄色葡萄球菌、杜盎氏小芽孢癣菌也均有一定抑制作用

In ancient Greece, Herb was regarded as an important medicinal herb for treatment of fever, female disorders, stomach aches, hemorrhoids, and for the healing of wounds by Hippocrates, the renowned father of medicine. It was later considered as a "cold" herb around the 17th century and was an important ingredient in a prescribed fresh salad comprising basil, rocket, cress, and garlic to combat "the common cold."

Key Benefits:
  • an excellent source of vitamins A, C and E and the essential amino acids. Reports describe
  •  as a "power food of the future" because of its high nutritive and antioxidant properties.
  • leaves contain Omega-3 fatty acid which regulate the body's metabolic activities. Purslane herb is known to have one of the highest known concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acid in any plant.
  • The stems  are known to be high in vitamin C.
Therapeutic Uses:
  •  widely used as a potherb in Mediterranean, central European and Asian countries.
  •  is also widely used as an ingredient in a green salad. Tender stems and leaves are usually eaten raw, alone or with other greens. They are also cooked or pickled for consumption.
  • used in various parts of the world to treat burns, headaches, stomach, intestinal and liver ailments, cough, shortness of breath and arthritis.
  • herb has also been used as a purgative, cardiac tonic, emollient, muscle relaxant, and in anti-inflammatory and diuretic treatments.



Photo: Preparing nowI Buy a dollar, wash very clean, cut the roots away. Add few garlics, than a small bowl Ikan Bilis. Also a few slice of Ginger. Boil in a pot for 1 hour.
Personally I buy a dollar, remove roots, than boil with Ikan Bilis and also garlic. Than drink the water a bowl once a week.

I also love the fried the vege with a lot garlics and also add century egg. Why I use garlic ginger to make it not cooling and can detox;>

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