Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi all, those have queries on health and where to buy things etc, have 100 over email a day. I cant answer all. Some reply why I no reply email.... Err sorry:> Try my best already:>

I have a life to live too and will note ur email and update in blog.

So any regret is we regret together until no regrets hor>:>

U put urself in my shoes and thing... Have I not provide a lot of free info here and one day ur turn queries will be in this blog de:> Actually most of ur queries inside le:>

As for to order things is handle by my cousin she will pack and send u items

This Friday may not have courier as the mail server going thru maintenance. All ur email send from Thursday will receive de but just that my end cant read. So courier for Friday will be move to Monday;

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