Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Since young I have neck shoulder problems. Mid Back bone and neck is degenerated when I was 28. Cervical spondylitis and scoliosis. The most common symptoms of cervical spondylosis are neck pain and stiffness

Occasional headaches may also occur, which usually start at the back of the head, just above the neck, and travel over the top to the forehead.

But with a group of Doctors , Prof in TCM and many Physio friends. I manage to come out with a system to heal back pain.

Bryan's Direct Heart to Heart Talk
NOW: I am not against any physio/chiropzxxxyesss ( I cannot spell out will kana sue). But I feel not many people cannot afford $80 to $120 a session , and sometimes.... Hmmm ok la.

For poor people , eat also got problem , how to pay u $120 a session for half hour.
Chir...xxxx is good but why must u charge so high like dental ?

Because of above, Bryan Lao Shi come out with 3 oil which can last for months and teach u all stretching and also right way of breathing which can help many for back pain. ANd u must have faith. Cure back pain need 8 cups of water a day , eat vegetables and do deep breathing exercise and also use herbs apply on it .
Plus eat Lingzhi capsule (but don't spend on cracked spores... I check with many big bosses in lingzhi, infact best is normal lingzhi). Sigh u see what commercial advertisement can do to us....

When I was told of my sickness at young age I felt lousy. I still remember the Alexanxxx Hospital clearly tell me, oh nothing can help but go physio and eat pain killers....

But with the learning of aromatherapy and physiotherapy and  yoga, it helps so much.

I am a certified aromatherapy by New Zealand Master and also in Singapore
having a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. Working with TCM and doctors I have come across ways to improve health.

Till today hundreds of people manage back pain well and recover from heel spur with omhealth aromatherapy Qi Gong and breathing method.

16 Feb 5 element Qi Gong and Prana Touch therapy is my power practical class. Left 15 seats.. Please don't wait le

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