Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good Skin Need Good Oil and Greens PART ONE

Photo: Stay clear of joint pain by having greens daily for 7 days to see good results and better sleep;)

As we are getting matured. We may find our skin starts to be more dehydrated. Also the joints and neck area almost is tense and sore.


After 15 years of research, l2 years ago I release my findings infront of 300 attendees

A) we lack Greens
B) we lack breathing exercise
C) we lack water intake (9 cups)
D) we lack oil for skin (Neroli / Blue chamomile, u must choose ur right one)
E) we depend too much on commercial skincare and tough to find truly fresh chemical free skincare
G) we cant let go of many daily life issues (Healing trees oil, bottom of feet and dragonfly blend essential oil (fully plantbase) helps
H) we lack doing upper back stretch (lately I have introduced the IZEST (not my product) helps a lot combine with 3 oil method

Headaches and Diets: Greens

Bodyaches and sleep is related to Diet and circulations:

Aches or headaches can be cure one, by having faith with Lavendula, Peppermint and Marjorm : Bryan 3 oil method.

Diet Suggestions Pain Fight
One of the most effective methods I’ve found to relieve pain is to drink one liter of pure water and lie down.

1) Most of the time, a migraine is just the body’s way of signalling that it needs hydration.

2) Avoid fried foods as fried fats contain aldehydes that triggers migraine. Prepare your foods by juicing, steaming or porridge.

3) Avoid sugars, dairy products especially cheese, and nuts which all contain tyramine, another substance that triggers pain.

4) Vegetable helps to rid the body of the toxins that are the main culprit of headaches/bodypain.

5) Increase intake of foods that are rich in magnesium and calcium—two miracle minerals that help prevent and relieve headaches. Such foods include a variety of fruits and vegetables, brown rice

6) Remember my liver detox beetroot juices to detoxify the liver.

Today I  am cooking a soup with Cai xin, Ikan bilis, carrot, mushroom fresh

Drink the water daily for 3 days:>

Dear all this is so cool: I use it after apply 3 oil:

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