Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Busy Schedule and Stress yet must sleep.

Hi all, currently I am moving out from my family . Not a simple task considering first time moving out to stay alone.
Quite busy because need to run back home to check parents whether they take care themselves and need to arrange own home things.

1030pm now: Still writing article for u all ah....

But ok la. I will take care of myself.  When I move to new house. The first item I brought over is this aromatherapy box that was with me for more than 20 years. And all my oil ....

I use lemon to clean floor la. I use 3 oil with abit rice bran oil to massage neck ah shoulder ah. I use frankincense direct on chest before sleep ah.

Half an hour before u sleep; Drink this tea. Than do a breathing exercise

Bryan's calm mind breathing exercise 686:

1 drop healing trees oil bottom of feet. One drop frankincense on chest (optional)

Exhale all air from mouth. Now inhale slowly thru nose 6 counts, Hold your breathing 8 counts and exhale 6 counts slowly thru mouth.

This 686 will calm left and right brain. Tone the lungs and liver.

Tea you can make 3 times a week  at night to drink is

Chrysanthemum 3 with 10 goji seeds. Again this is so common yet so many choose not to do it:> It tone ur heart and liver to enable you to sleep better.

Acupressure for sleep Bryan's Golden Triangle for sleep

Apply dragonfly oil a drop on palm warm it and inhale. Than press

A) Center end wrist 1 min
B) 3 finger below wrist 1 min
C) one thumb width beside A for 1 mins

Good night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Skincare Products:

A) Neroli Facial Oil arrived 45
B) Lavender water organic  45
C) Power Hair serum  55

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