Friday, February 14, 2014

A Nice Sweet Day

What is a nice happy day? What is your beautiful day?

What conditions in your life than u consider a happy day?

A beautiful day is different for everyone. From our past experience, we also know that a beautiful day can become a bad day in the next moment.

To many a happy day is when u have promotions, relationshop happy and everything with no obstacles. Normally we call it a beautiful day.

For me a happy day is a day when my mind is happy. When my mind is peace and happy everything is beautiful.

It is all in the mind. The mind makes it and decideds for you whether is a happy or not happy day.

Therefore infact whether the day happy anot, it is all depends on ourselves not the external factors. You can stay in a terrible house condition or a work under terrible boss but u can be happy.

Well actual love comes from love and care for family and not about Money. As if you don't know hor. U know one, I just remind you only.

Many rich man only notice that , after they have big illnesses. Than start do a lot charity. And give up this and that. But abit late la, health already sacrifice so much for money.

If you are suffering now in relationship, illnesses or career. Take it as an opportunity to learn and go through it. As this will be a past. Life is boring without all happenings. But again la, tell God, u don't want too much happening , can be exhausted ahahha.

 Things you can do

1) When ur love one betrayed you or heart pain

Use dragonfly oil a drop on chest . Look in the mirror. Says
" I let go, I am in peace."

2) When Job career business no good.

Use healing trees oil bottom of feet. And says" Everything is in universal order, I will be patient and learn from all experiences"

3) When health is no good. Put a drop PAF lime on palm rub till warm inhale and says:

I am healthy and whole"

"I listen to my bodies messages with love

Health and mind:  In many cases disease of the body is a result of dis-ease in the mind, soul, spirit, subconscious, call it what you will. The good news is, that means we can do something about it.
disease of the body results from dis-ease in the mind
Eastern societies have long recognised this link and their medicinal techniques reflect a much more "holistic" approach to healing. It is a reality that our thoughts are closely linked to our physical bodies, dysfunction in one is often reflected in the other. Western medicine tends to treat  symptoms, often successfully "making it go away", but fail to treat the cause, raising the possibility of recurrence in one form or another.

What is my nice day?
To me a nice day, is able to wake up every morning and do prayers and make a cup of tea before work.

To me a nice day is I can use pure essential oil and every drop so precious and I have the luxury to use them in my daily life.

To me a nice day is when I can talk to my parents about what food to eat.

To me a nice day is when omhealth business stabilised le and u always use my skin care and also I can do my charity work happily.

To me a nice day is I can talk to you direct no need by like a salesman and u understand me.

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