Monday, February 17, 2014


Cleaning house mob floor;

Once a week I will use five drops bergamot oil in a pail of water and wipe the house;
Scent or natural bergamot killed bacteria and rejuvenate the Qi of house; than the water u can clean balcony or corridor ;

Did you know that in Napoleonic times, it was trendy to use bergamot as a cologne and perfume? Yes, and today it is still dominantly used by the perfume industry in its "deterpenized" form.

I sometimes after three with lotion or rice oil on pain area, I will inhale some bergamot oil
Analgesic: Bergamot essential oil reduces the feeling of pain in the body. Actually, it stimulates secretion of certain hormones which lessen sensitivity of nerves to pain. Therefore, it is very helpful in case of headaches, sprains, muscle aches or any other symptoms or ailments which require a heavy dosage of analgesic pills. This means that you can avoid the dangerous side effects of many over the counter pain medicines, which often have adverse side effects and can do damage to your liver and kidneys when relied on heavily, as well as thinning your blood, or causing you to lose sleep.

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