Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kampong Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is packed with tons of goodness. If u cant buy whole chicken just a drum stick. Add some carrot and celerly, make a light soup. It replenish the skin and body.

Dear all, cook chicken soup drink once to twice a week. It can boost immune and also nourish skin. Just buy those premix herbs if u don't know how to mix.
Even a chicken and onions soup is good enough.

Set 2 days a week cook chicken soup.

Energy Acupressure Point.

First put 1 drop of healing trees oil at bottom of feet. Than press this point 2 mins each hand. Once a day.

This point is located on the upper point of the wrist, right where the wrist joins the forearm. This point is related to the body's energy and strength, including the hair's.

Yo-chi site for healing trees oil.

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