Monday, February 10, 2014

Natural Tonic yellow Essence

This herb is call 黄精; Is a herb that when u add to your chicken tonic soup make the soup taste nice. I shared with many in my health talk about this herb.

Well talking about this herb, it has a lot of good properties. For me I make this tea 4 times a week to drink now as I am aging le. So my hair wont white so fast ahhaha.

In Chinese TCM:

U see, it can anti-age, tonic to kidney and also stabalise the Qi of 5 organs.
But things good also cannot eat too much ok. Balance is important.

Many times as we age our qi get weaker and weaker. And without taking care of your daily diet and your daily lifestyle. No wonder we always here pain there pain.

Ask yourself for how long u have not eat some healthy cooked food?

NB: tell u, all tonic soup in market have msg one. To make it sweet they add sugar one.A lot of soup shop, u drink first few mouthful tasty, but the more u drink the more u don't like it. Good soup is at first taste norm but more u drink more more nice.


This tea improve memory and darken hair. It helps to strengthen body and also for old people not enough energy.

Bryan Lao Shi Secret Tea:
[ this combination is not anyhow invent one, is mix and according to the right combination so it amplify the herbs properties, that is when u don't have to worry about it and let me lao shi help u la ]

Ingredients: Chinese barley one tablespoon
Huang Jing : 15gram
Goji Seed 20 pieces.
Water 500ml.
Wash the items

Than put in 500ml water boil big fire 5 mins and than small fire 20 mins.

Drink the water warm. Don't eat the ingredient.

Drink evening time 2 hours before sleep ba:>

U will love the taste:>

After drinking this tea, at night , apply healing trees oil at bottom of feets and also press acupressure YONG QUAN point for 2 mins. Feel the different.

This point u don't care works or not. If u daily apply abit healing trees oil, one drop. and press. U feel more and more strong and improve sleep.

If healing trees oil u find too strong (which is not ), u can dilute it with rice bran oil.

One drop healing trees and 1 drop rice oil. apply.

Healing trees oil helps to strengthen the 5 organs .

When healing trees combine with Yong Quan

Actions & Effects:
1)Cooling KIDNEY empty heat – chronic sore throat, dry mouth, low back pain.
insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, poor memory, mania, rage w/desire to kill, hot flashes, night sweats.
3) Press after qi gong exercises, energy healing sessions, etc. Useful for headache, nausea, insomnia, etc.

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