Thursday, February 13, 2014

New comers using of Natural Skin care

Fir new comers: The skincare are fresh and good. I say no use. U use u know.

A) Cleansing
Astiquer cleanser, squeeze abit massage damp face for 15 seconds. Rinse with water.

B) Than put organic lavender water on cotton (more), pat and compress face gently

C) Follow by Serum: For Day (Antiage Serum), For Night (Magwhite serum)

D) Follow by Moisturiser (u can choose Perfectionist for Day and either Synergy cream/ Marine Collagen for night. But u also can use either one for day and night. But Perfectionist use day time has matt finish look.) Some client, use perfectionist, than finish the bottle change to other moisturiser.

My synergy cream very rich and power. Matured dry skin good. Is as good as La... that brand.

E) Follow by Sunscreen SPF 25.  (This sunscreen is best, even u no apply moisturiser itself can be moisturiser too, I put after moisturiser because the weather now very dry, another layer is good, so fine and wont block pores)

F) U can skip D and E if u use Marigold Moisturiser. (but not everyone like the texture of marigold, beginners, I prefer u use D and E steps.

Extra Treatment

A) Skin Booster Gel use 3-4 times a week, after any serum. If u find moist enough no need moisturiser.

B) Neroli facial Oil: Face need natural oil and neck also. For me  evening, after cleanse my face, I apply lavender water than few drops for face and neck. Than a warm towel cover face 5mins rest. Wake up face glow. No need wash aways but can wipe abit.

Best scrub in the way. I say no use, u try u know.

Mask :
Face and eye mask: Hydrating for face and eye area , can use daily one.

Gentle detox whitening Mask:
Pearl white clay, use twice a week, leave on face for 8 mins good enough.

Photo: Customer early morning feedback a is really very precious

For details :
Please don't sms to order skincare, as sms is flooded in 100 over and only email to with details, please please give proper details. How to order go see

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