Wednesday, February 19, 2014


In this line to insist on natural and fresh and own believe is not easy. Especially my kind of character being direct and firm, may always de zui people.

Do you know first skincare item was facial serum. Although I know my product very good and natural and chemical free plus fresh.... but is new in 2001, not easy to convince people.

But I work very very hard.....  Till today all my skincare I use fedex to receive the items. And send u. Ensure all are fresh and chemical free.

And now today, is shown internationally in magazine and TV show. I am very thankful. Sometimes I work day and night, and ur feedbacks give me the kind of energy.

I am just a normal person, but I believe respecting mother earth and using natural products and foodcure is the key to have beautiful skin.

A very kind feedbacks:

Amplify of email:

Hi Bryan -

Not sure you remember me but i just wanted to send my feedback to you .

I have been using most of your products since early 2011 , ranging from skin , body
, essential oils , emotional healing and good luck items - in fact most of your
Product range :).

The reason for my feedback only now is that I wanted to try out and ensure it works
on me first .
I used to have terrible skin (i.e oily , acne marks and wrinkles) and now it is
improving tremendously.  I thank you for that .

On top of that - your sharing of the Mantras , soup recipes , good luck method ,
etc have been great too :) . Keep it coming :) .

This is my way of showing my appreciation to you for sharing all the wonderful
information in your blog.

Thank You once again .

My Motto in liFe : Stay healthy , Energetic , Positive and Happy  !

Have a Nice and wonderful days , months & years ahead ! 祝福

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