Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thank You all my Old customers and new one

Is amazing without a shop and also in beginning 2001, the label of products was poorly done. At first my thinking was quality more important but slowly I find that packaging is important. And many old customers , u all see beyond packaging and buy from me

Antiage sert: Cleanser, serums, lavender water, Hair serum, etc

all these are call trust. from day one till today. I only work on trust and quality. First person and I think only person in Singapore to pay a lot a lot to FedEx for all products freshly made and deliver.

Is my 诚信,all oil are in its highest quality and fresh and not MLM and is very very fresh.

Dear all to give thanks to all

Today till Friday last offer of the year:

Only must get two

Frankincense + Sacred Holy frankincense + Neroli Facial Oil /Chamomile facial oil

==== $160 ( Save $20)

In market Branded facial oil start to have le: And they sell one bottle $80 to $130. so u can see how how much markup...

Support local products. Support ur Bryan lao Shi.

Oh Charity time le: www.bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.com 


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