Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Freshly arrived: A 8 D Skin 3 recovery gel (1 year lifespan) Dragonblood Gel

A8D Skin recovery gel has been launched for 2 months. The feedbacks was amazing.

A gel that has science and herbs combination technology and free from harmful ingredients.

This is an breakthru anti-ageing formula which reduces the appearance of wrinkles while smoothing and plumping skin without botox. U can use for skin massage.
It also form a protective layers on the skin which reduce redness and firm ur skin. Toned and beauty.

To order is $80 , how to order refer under order icon


The label printing still need improvement and font size. Now need to launch this batch first so will work on it.

Lack of sleep, hectic lifestyle with extensive travelling all contribute to depleted levels of hyaluronic acid – which result in the skin looking tired, dry and dull. This cream gel heal and boost.

She is the fan of DragonBlood Gel:> Her secrets.

Few active ingredient that stimulates and increases the natural collagen production and synthesis for smoother, plumper skin and saw an increase in skin elasticity over three months.

I use this few times a week .Will share more how to use.

below is a dragon blood tree

Dragon's blood tree

Bryan's Dragon's Blood with  Hepapeptide 8, Alpha Bisabolol (candeia tree)

Details :

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