Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Friday Arrival

a) Bryan's Clarity Blend $18 (haze period a must in bag prevent flu)

A blend of: Plai, Tumeric, Patchouli, bergamot, Vetiver, Lavendula, rosewood.

Instantly wake you up for morning tiredness and sickness. U apply in Bus or office and smell will go away wont stain cloth or after smell.

b) Bryan rose lotus balm: Power until speechless $25

c) Famous SPF 25 $55 Sunscreen arrived

d) HA Eye Serum $50  that fight lines and hydrates to deep level of skin.

A lot of area skin, is u need hydrate first before moisturise it. HA eye serum super good.

e) Double Blue flower Aloe gel $38

How to Order? refer to www.omhealth.com

From today, all order less than $80 will have $5 courier charge. All will use courier. Post office one makes me headache, always lost item.

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