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21st Sep 2014

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Directives of Foodcure and Cancer : (Bryan Lao Shi)

 Is very important to take note many foodcure spread in internet for anticancer is not really true. Is only certain compound in that food has anticancer. As a result wrong information just spread. Example, certain element in watermelon is anticancer.... But some Kundo, say watermelon anticancer... that over eat which worsen stomach and worsen cancer.

Have a balance diet and don select ur food will do. Also eating cordycep is not much effect if u eat one or two days (and normally one day portion cost $200). Is commercialised le. Just have simple herbs will do.

More will be shared in 2014: Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi 21st Sep 2014. Truly Kiashu for health and beauty.

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