Friday, April 4, 2014

Heart To Heart Talk with Bryan

2014 Focus Event:  Organise by BRYAN ALONE;

We will not touch and go but fully focus on each problems and Work on IT.

 Heart To Heart with Bryan 21st Sep 2014

I) Insomnia Issues ( best cure using kitchen herbs and acupressure)
2) Tummy Slimming ( best tea and methods)
3) Face Puffy and Blemishes Remedies
4) Female Cyst and related problems with invitation of expert.
5) Bryan Lao Si 15 years of beauty and health tips ( Selected some every year to share)
6) Exact Best Remedies to live with Joint... pain and how to help elderly
7) Type of Porridge for ur family for
I) Flu, weakness, Female problems, aging, insomnia, heart
8) 2014 3 best meridians remedies.
9) Heel Spur and Leg Pain results reveal and motivate all.
10) Few things Bryan used for health and beauty (non sponsored product and not spokesman , a very very independent way of looking some of the product in market which is good, no good don't say, wait kana sue).

$50 per head. Same problems we face but every 2 years new updated method.

 Morning: 930am to 1pm.

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