Monday, April 7, 2014

Important Message for all.

During  this busy period with TV show, Volunteer work, I like to thank all for being so nice. Like courier no receive u make effort inform my cousin.

I hope my appearance in media can help me to amplify my charity work to motivate more youngster to help elderly to regain confidence and transform them to help more people.

Looking at my photos, I find I have aged a lot all these years but again more radiant right ahahha.... 1 ....2 .... 3... vomit ahahah. Trust me a good skincare works. Do you know, your support of my products help me a lot too. And really is all through words of mouth and no advertisement. I believe if is good, is good.

Bryan Gan's photo.
we manage to provide lunch and medicine
Many sms and email no time reply u all resend nicely and remind me. This is what I call care.

I don't have anymore email scold me why no reply. Many understand my sms and whatsapp flooded daily. And ur understanding allows me to do more charity work which is my passion.

19th April Iweekly, many wants me to help register, yes and many come not because of free gifts but to learn. I appreciate. Still can register 30 more. Please come ok support me.

And I will do my best. Do you know in the market many teacher, teach one thing and reuse for years. For me every appearance or workshop or public talk. I will think

" People come all the way to learn, Bryan u must share things that can help people don't waste people time even if is 15mins sharing (like last year). I will . Do you know sometimes one simple remedies takes months to verify validate and share."

with love Bryan

When you see people's pain reduce, u feel great. All sms and email I no time reply. Because many info here blog beside label. Make effort check.
Bryan has spread acupressure for all elderly since 2001
Upcoming 19th April is my first appearance to work with H and B in Iweekly. I hope you can come support and I will definitelt share with u beauty and health to help u and also u can help people.

21st Sep 2014: Biggest Health and Beauty Talk in Singapore by Bryan lao shi. Details out soon.

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