Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thanks all ( $10 voucher for all today )

Spray Given to all

This spray is dragonblood essence and herbs spray. To energise your aura. And Also it brings a lot healing energy to handle insomnia, and also health issues.

This spray u have is 20ml and worth $15. Very precious. Hope u all like it:.

Is my personal gift for all.

How to use?

Spray above head with eyes close. the mist will also hydrate dry skin too.

Spray: For those who have pets at home. Spray above pets also good for them.

I took weeks to prepare todays seminar de.

Aiyo shocked when things happen; but luckily with 15 years power I manage to share most of the things; and u all very supportive; 


The minute I was on stage (talk less than 5 mins) stage down told me I only have 15mins.

This really 考功力; and I tell myself i don't wan my fans come like that; Imagine the mind shocked ahahahha.

Imagine I was asked to prepare a 1hour 15mins workshop and suddenly....almost impossible right.

Luckily I manage to completed. And are u shocked I able to complete 2 machine in 10mins ahaha.
I appreciate your turn out. And decided to do something for all of u who attended this workshop.

To Thank all:

$10 voucher for order of items with minimum spending $80. And any order will get Bryan Lao Shi 6ml Qi Oil worth $15.
quote ur number

Thank you all.

21 Sep 2014 Bryan Lao Shi only workshop, by Bryan Lao Shi. Organise event by Bryan Lao shi 21sep 2014.

Civil Service club 930am to 1230pm

I ensure me and only me and invite a Famous TCM with HIGH price for u all and benefits all.

Fees : $45

NB: My heart also abit upset today slides never have chance share; don't worry u know Bryan Lao shi will do YouTube for u all; after my next weekie recording ; Today I mention are 1) Cumin seed a teaspoon to 2 litre water boil half hour. Drink the water throughout day. Do 3 times a week ba. 2) Tea for diabetics, and not cooling yet have power of Green tea is Wu Long tea call  老枞水仙茶。

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