Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Botanic Garden Walk

Miss all of you:> I miss all of you who attend my workshop many years ago. Some I do see you all once a blue moon. And I am very thankful, your appearance in some of my workshops.

Time flies. Because of my busy schedule, this year i conduct the least workshop because of TV shows etc.

Ahhahah I hope you all doing well. I miss every single one of you since 2001 who attended my seminar from health, beauty and crystal.

Take care ok:>

21st Sep  workshop do come:> reunion with Bryan.

This 18th May 2014: i am at SUntec just 10mins, u can come see me at 5pm , Suntec west wing, just come walk walk if free:> I wish to take pic with you all:>

First Walk: 40 pax

After a year 130 pax:>

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