Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Direction of OMhealth

Hi all, if you notice this 5 months, I have not updated product list. I was busy with my recording , charity and volunteer work.

And I must thank all, even I didn't spend much time on promoting skincare and aromatherapy oil. U all make effort to order from and with help from cousins to process orders.

Thank you once again.

Bryan Lao Shi Volunteer Work.

omhealth volunteer work first started in 2001 at St Joseph Home, that was with the guidance of my aromatherapy mentor. He demonstrated to me, the acupressure techniques for elderly and care.

When I do volunteer work, I feel how the elderly feel. Sometimes we cant just impose games or singing with them, like that is like forcing them to seat in and see you perform.  You must touch their heart and work on their concern.

That was when omhealth Bryan's Lao Shi acupressure comes in. We know elderly many has some ailment. And my acupressure for elderly is to ensure simple safe and easy for them'

After that omhealth has participated with United Medical Care with Singapore Training Academy to give acupressure to elderly.

When we do volunteer work. We do it from our heart. But we don't feel sad for the elderly. At all times we must have a positive flow of energy in ourselves. For new comers, normally I suggest your wrist to dap some dragonfly oil.

Bryan Lao Shi Project 2: To provide 200 elderly toothpaste herbal. I decided to get them because to prevent them having mouth gum diseases.

NB: Do you know two years ago, we gave the elderly massage sticks. Two years later later last month volunteer work. An elderly come to me and say she uses the stick daily. My heart as filled with Joy.

Ahahah now you know why many of u sms me or email me your health concern I really no time to answer. But I have started to do more video and share le.

21st Sep 2014: Reunion with Bryan Lao Shi:
It will be filled with health and practical knowledge to help us to maintain good health. After so many years of volunteer work. I find that health is something we need to make effort. Problem with us is, we don't experience it we hack care, but by the time we had it we panic and too late. So listen to your body. Is it under stress? If the body is, spend some time to do breathing exercise ok:>

Venue: CSC auditorium Tessensohn Road
Time: 930am seated ends at 1230
Special Guest: Very caring TCM Doctor to share and not to sell services.
Fees: $45 with thankful.

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I am very thankful to Cindy and family for helping me to coordinate.

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