Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jasmine Flower Tea

For those who are my student for many years. I believe you ever bought jasmine flower tea. But is in your cupboard right? U can buy jasmine flower tea from those tea shop. Remember is a packet all white flower, (no green leaf inside one). If u buy wrong with green leaf end up insomnia ahaha. U see my this one is flower only.

Photo: Enjoy;) :::: don't ask questions!
not the Chinese one with tea leaf, whole packet is jasmine flower than correct

Take them out! Jasmine flower tea, is the kind without tea leaves just the flower one:>

It cools naturally for body, especially this HOT season many has disturbed sleep, u need this flower tea to help you.

8 jasmine flower in a cup and pour boiling water in it , leave it for 10mins, slowly sip.

After drink press the insomnia point in the blog with essential oil:>

Health Benefits May Help: ( I research so far, find the sleep and immune and stress part works, cancer all these I don't know yet.)
• Relieve Stress
• Moisturize Skin
• Improve Sleeping Habits
• Improve Blood Circulation
• Remove Body Toxins
• Enhance Immune System
• Lower & Prevent High Blood Pressure
• Lower & Prevent Cholesterol
• Regulate Kidney Functions
• Enhance Eyesight
• Maintain Health in the Uterus
• Prevent Cancers
• Reduce Menopausal Symptoms
• Suppress Cancerous Cell Growth
• Improve Metabolism
• Reduce Body Fats
• Provide Antioxidants

In Ayurveda, jasmine has been used as an aphrodisiac and as a means to increase immunity and fight fever. It has also been regarded as a means to treat conjunctivitis. In traditional Chinese medicine, jasmine flowers are brewed and consumed as an herbal and remedial tea. An infusion of jasmine tea is known to be beneficial in treating fevers, urinary inflammation, and other infections. In addition, jasmine tea can be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. It can be extremely helpful for people suffering from heat stroke or sunstroke.

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