Thursday, May 8, 2014

Omhealth do a lot for society all he ask is ur support and understanding

Today I want to thank my cousin for helping me this small business( in replying email and do urgent courier for me)

I wish I have a big courier team few years later Ba; as u know courier company in singapore good one not many and I have used the best one yet their service not good;

Post office worst for my items;

We done out best already, so be patience; if u think carefully outside big companies buy things also wait man days and we consider fast le;

I would like to thank to all my 15 years customers u are so nice and supportive and know my work load has increase because of ur support and send me and my team care and concern;

For me comers do take note all orders if no receive just spend some time wait;

Let me have some time today to thank my cousin if not them email last time takes a week to reply! 
Thank u god for sending me so many angels and Cindy for helping in organising old age home project;

Where got a company take first and pay later and absorb courier.. IS ME me me.

Below is the boss of omhealth 疼他都来不及了right , how can one get disappointed ahahaha;)

Words is like a tool can make people happy encourage people but can also affect a person mood; always in line with god love and speak nicely with understanding have a life that bring light to people ok:) cheers

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