Friday, May 23, 2014

Star Hub Seminar Today

I am so happy to be invited by Star-hub to deliver my passion on Aroma ,acupressure, love workshop.

16 years le, today Mom came for my workshop too and with the same trolley u all saw before ah--ha--ha..

Is only an hour but I try my best to share. To me is not about products, I want to improve the lifestyle and health quality for many. So in turn more healthy people can spread this methods to more people.

For my age in the media Show is not easy because of me being camera shy ahaha but the chances TV media given me, let me further improve. Am glad someone say, I look much better in real person ahahha. ..

For new comers: My website is and under product and order icon u can see how to order items.

U can email queries to

Dear all, don't rush buy things, feel comfy, just slowly :> Drink Elm Ber porride water ok:>

and this blog it has many information, see the label beside.

A) Star-hub auditorium

1)I taught 3 oil for back pain.
2) 3acupressure to do daily.
3) Acne pimples, drink barley and green bean water for 2 days.
4) Sleep, drink jasmine flower with a small longan.
5) Kwan neck shoulder once a week. After Kwa wipe with tissue and don't shower.

Anyway u all slowly see the label or do search many video also la.

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