Friday, June 13, 2014

Chamomile Snow and my Story

More than 10 years in search and come across this oil.

Is the world od internet. Information of aroma oil are everyone. But only when you experience it and use with care and love, than u will be able to explain in details.

Back in Brisbane Australia, I was studying my IEEE. At that time, stress.... dao...

Than I visited an aromatherapist for treatment. She uses chamomile on me by adding 2 drops in 5 drops of rice bran oil massaging the neck and also performing touch therapy.
After that I am ok. And she returns to UK. Her name is Clare Ant.

I start searching for chamomile which was in market. None of them I can handle because is so scent of cut grass which I feel not comfy. Even now the chamomile u see in market normal one already 10ml $120. U have no good one at $80 also have.

2012, manage to find back the aroma and properties of chamomile of the one I know in 1996. Amazing right. I have the nose of Doggy.

In aromatherapy we don't talk about organic. We talk about food grade and also free from chemical pesticide, and genetically no modified.. Organic well , is the name for commercial le.

Try my this Snow chamomile on cotton, than gently inhale abit. With eyes close. Let the scent goes into your worries and sadness in life, see how it let it go.

Snow Chamomile Species works on

I) Irritability, in time of lost and anxiety
2) Feeling lonely. Shock and disorder.
3) Irritable babies and kids who always throw tantrums

How some professional use.

Chamomile is effective at soothing skin inflammation issues. Use it to treat burns, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis. Internal inflammatory challenges eased by chamomile include asthma, hay fever, fever, strains, and sprains. It is also useful in treating nausea, diarrhea, and all nervous and depressive states.
Chamomile is believed to be helpful in reducing smooth muscle spasms associated with various gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders.

simply by 1 drop in few drops rice bran oil massage stomach.

Chamomile is wonderful to use on pets. Whether you need to calm a cat during a thunder storm or help a dog or horse take the edge off their nerves so you can work on them, chamomile is handy.

Chamomile – Helps dogs sleep better; anti-anxiety; digestive aid

5 drops chamomile in a 50ml spray bottle (like that can save money). Shake bottle spray near them.

Professional How to use Lavendula and Chamomile on Pets.

Bryan Lao Shi 2 famous oil can use to support your animal with; fear of rain and thunderstorms, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, trauma/abuse, depression, Illness, trips to the vet's office, grief/loss of another family pet.

When you apply essential oils to animals, always remember less is more as animals are very sensitive to essential oils. Also, with animals, it's best to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil such as organic olive oil. I recommend one part essential oil to 1 part carrier oil for all animals EXCEPT cats. The dilution ratio for cats is 1 part essential oil to 10 parts carrier oil.

Use caution with cats!
Any of the essential oils listed in this article are safe for dogs and horses, however;

Cats are a different story! Cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils containing phenols, such as oregano and thyme.
Cats can not effectively metabolize phenols because they lack an enzyme in their liver to digest the phenols.

 Lavendula vera and Snow Chamomile essential oils ARE safe for cats.
How to apply essential oils on dogs and cats:
For calming dogs:
Mix 1 drop Lavender, Snow Chamomile  with 2 drop rice bran oil. Rub this mixture on your dogs pads, ears or comb through their fur. Apply any time you sense your dog is stressed

For calming cats:
Mix 1 drop Lavendula or Chamomile essential oil with 10 drops carrier oil. Rub this mixture on your cat's pads, ears or comb through their fur. Apply any time your cat is stressed.
By the way, the essential oils in this article are also good for easing your anxieties, too! Dilution is not required on humans. Just apply a drop or two on your wrists, shoulders or behind your ears.

And the next time you're opening up a bottle of  chamomile or lavendula essential oil, share some with your animal friends! They'll thank you!

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