Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Home Must Have Stomach Remedies

Stomach also known as the biggest brain in our body. Once have problems, u will feel end of the world. Vomit and diarrhea u can feel is so suffering. 


Now the yellow box is a must have for family. First sign of nausea or stomach problems, 1 or 2 packet in warm water works wonder. ( U must see doctor also la, but can combine with medicine after 1 hour).

Red one is similar to yellow one. But in pills form. I take red one, when recovered from stomach flu problems, as a final clear of all virus.

Green one is good when feeling giddy and not well. A packet makes u feel wonderful. 

All above must buy from Singapore and all certified and approved.

This one when I last recommend many years ago has helped many le. Some who travel to overseas almost have food poisoning, took this and recover. 

Oil for stomach health as explained earlier was peppermint (this bottle not meant for u all de, is my demo bottle, essential oil put in this kind bottle can only last 3 months). Bryan relax blend. When they were used on rice bran oil on tummy helps recovery faster.

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