Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baby and Kids

Baby Oil Blend
Above One:
25ml rice bran oil: 2 drops lavendula vera, 2 drops lemon oil,2 drops frankincense 
Under 1
10ml rice bran oil: 1 drop frankincense and 1 drop lavendula vera.

 Baby massage is a great way to bond with your baby and provides a restful sleep. Studies show that babies or young children who often receive a massage are better sleepers, are less afraid, and healthier.
Baby massage is safe after 2 months and should be avoided around vaccination time (if you are vaccinating your kids). Gently massage the feet, legs, arms, back, and tummy of your baby. Stop if you’re baby doesn’t like it, but most babies will enjoy this.
For kids between 6 and 14 you can use a 1 to 1,5 dilution. Store any leftover dilution in a dark glass bottle for another massage or use it as a calming baby bath oil.

Baby loves foot massage, and this area , u can gently cup, dont press ok. They are not u, just cup ur palm over can le.

Calming Bath Oils
Only use diluted bath oils. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive and babies love to stick their fingers in their mouth and rub their eyes quite often.
For Colds, Congestion, and Coughs
Diffuse 2 drops of lemon, lavender,  during the day and at bedtime for a better sleep. You could use the same essential oils diluted in a carrier oil to massage the back and upper chest when you change your baby’s diaper. Lavender also helps to reduce fever.
Diaper Rash
Add 1 drop of snow chamomile and 1 drop of tea tree oil with 1 tbsp rice bran oil and apply on the affected area after cleaning and patting dry your baby’s bottom. Avoid genitals and cuts and cracks.
You could also add a few drops of calming essential oils like lavendula, or snow chamomile on a tissue or your baby’s clothing when your baby is crying or to provide a restful sleep.

Or the double blue flower aloe gel.

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