Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stress Release with balm and roller

The grade of lavendula vera essential Oil used is very high grade and cost $50 plus in specialiseshop. 

Omhealth has remained for $28 for 10 years le.  Ma Ma tell me not to increase the price de.  I was considering to increase but again, to me this oil serve as also a give back to society also. U all remember when buy lavendula feel my sincerity ok.
Bottle use also from UK and is blue rare can keep oil energy.

Direct a dab on sore bites or cuts heal fast.

All all: Mini Announcement

Oil is highland and freshest grade. Profit line very very low, but still ok because i no need put shop sell. So can give u highest quality.

Currently all lavendula vera sold out le:> next week than have

The omhealth clarity roller and rose balm are a set of wonderful items to put in bag or office.

Rose balm in office or beside the bed: Stress at times can apply or help promote sleep. Apply more at neck shoulder to feel calming energy especially some at chest. Release female stagnant Qi. 

Clarity Blend roller: A must have when travel, as it release tension headaches and neck shoulder pain. It also helps to boost immune system.
http://bryanomhealth.blogspot.sg/2013/08/rose-lotus-balm.html how to useRose Balm ($25)
Clarity roller ($18)auric roller $18

get a set for your parents or friends , really la la la. They will love it.

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