Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We all need SPICES

I always feel that spice can really prevent many illnesses. FOr me I feel it can prevent cancer related things (for me). I feel there is a reason to add spices to many food we eat. Of course curry powder u know is all spices that can boost immune system.

Photo: Ten spice oil really good! Qp, ur photography skill not bad. 蛮有意境!
Oil USed for earache and toothache

Lavendula vera and Ten Spice oil.

This is a very good oil. A drop on tissue, u can test out the scent last for 2 days and every moment it comes out different scent.

Is  a tenfold oil which kills many virals. For me i seasoned, i direct on palm and inhale. Ear or jaw pain, i compress a drop and it works wonder.

Earaches and Jaw Pain

It can means inflammation in body. See a TCM also take 3 days of herbs. Sometimes the powder so powerful and u can safe alot of money than anyhow buy things cook. U can request 3 days medicine powder can le. No need a week.

For this 3 days u eat clean and drink also Chrysanthemum tea with some honeysuckles, 2 small cup a day.

For earaches/ inflammation

Apply lavendula vera around the back of the ear, down through the jaw/neck to draw out the fluid, encouraging it to drain and reduce pain and congestion.
Than a drop of rice oil and 2 drops of ten spice oil above it around the ear.

Toothache because heaty last few days.

Last few days I have some toothache , i so scare of root canal, because i had one 14 years ago, very scare. So i  got out my ten spice and lavendula vera oils and would put a couple drops on a cotton bud and compressed all sides of the tooth, I layered the oils.

I did this several times a day. I also rinsed my mouth with 1 drop eucalyptus on warm water cup. I recovered second day.

I suggest before and after u go dental, a drop of lavendula and ten spice in a cup warm water rinse mouth.

Tea I drink: Marigold Tea of Jing Zan Hua can get from tea house.
Marigold Flower Tea

The Marigold (Calendula officinalis) has a long history of medicinal use; it is mentioned in many ancient herbals, including that of Culpepper, for use in the treatment of headaches, toothache, swellings and for strengthening the heart.

I drink this tea 2 times a week to bring any inflammation down in body. Each time i use 8 flowers. I dont like the taste la.

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